• Pickups: They are defined by a linear service that admits no detours. Most of the service is focused on entries and exits of the national territory, to and from airports, as well as inter-hotel transfers from one travel destination to another, or just inside a single travel destination.
  • Package: This is a group of two or more elements that are part of a comprehensive package bought by either an individual customer or several customers, and without a fixed itinerary to cover.
  • Tours: These contemplate comprehensive rides, planned as part of a fixed itinerary and in which several travel destinations are included.
  • Circuit: These are comprehensive rides characterized by a one planned tour, though two or more itineraries can be combined.
  • Incentive: Comprehensive rides pieced together by the travel agencies and served to other companies for the latter to offer them to their workers.
  • Business: Trips in which a number of elements are integrated, including executive service for working or professional activities.
  • Planned events: Working or professional group meeting made up of a series of services aimed at meeting the working needs of assistants, and whose main goal is focused on treating specific issues.